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Journal of Intellectual Property Association of Japan

Outline of Patent Quality Management System in Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (MyIPO) and the Japan Patent Office (JPO)
Sofia Rehan Ramli (Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (MyIPO), Patent Engineering Division, Patent Examiner)
(December, 2017)

Geographical Indication Expert
Stephane PASSERI (Consultant for the UN FAO Regional Office for the Asia and the Pacific, Bangkok, Thailand and Coordinator of the FAO-AFD Project for the Promotion of Rural Development through Development of Geographical Indication in Asia)
(December, 2017)

Intellectual Property as a Marketing Tool
Kazunari Sugimitsu (Professor, Graduate School of Inovation Management, Kanazawa Institute of Technology)
(March, 2017)

Effect of Attorney Groupings on the Success Rate in Cases Seeking to Overturn Trial decision of refusal of Patent Applications in Japan
Nobuaki Arai (Arai, Hashimoto, Hosaka & Associates, Tokyo/Japan)
Hironori Takuma (Chiba Institute of Technology)
Hideo Kameyama (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)
(October, 2015)

Legislation Study on Patent Securitization
Mei-Hsin Wang (Fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry, UK/Associate professor, Intellectual Property Office, Graduate School of Materials Science, National Yunlin University of Science & Technology)
(December, 2014)

Intellectual Property and Management Theories
Ellie Okada (Ph.D. President & CEO, Boston Cancer Policy Institute, Inc)
(September, 2012)

The Negotiating History of the Nagoya Protocol on ABS: Perspective from Japan
Ryo Kohsaka (Associate Professor, Kanazawa University, Graduate School of Human and Socio-Environmental Studies)
(September, 2012)

Identifying Knowledge Structure of Patent and Innovation Research
Ichiro Sakata (Professor, The University of Tokyo)
Hajime Sasaki (Project Researcher, The University of Tokyo)
Yuya Kajikawa (Lecturer, The University of Tokyo)
(January, 2012)

International IP Strategy and Patent Attorneys
Thorsten Bausch (Patent Attorner & Partner,Hoffmann Eitle, Munich/London)
(February, 2010)

Permitted Use of Trademarks in the United States
John McDermott (Professor of Law, Loyola Law School of Los Angeles)
(March, 2009)

Facing the Future: The Distribution of Digital Content and the New Issues of Intellectual Property System
Zhou Lin (Law Institute of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)
(February, 2009)

Large Companies’ Preemption of University Inventions by Joint Research Is Strangling Japanese Entrepreneurship and Contributing to the Degradation of University Science
Robert Kneller (Prof., The Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, University of Tokyo)
Sachiko Shudo (Associate Prof., School of Law, Waseda University)
(November, 2008)

The Challenges and Issues with Nanotechnology at the Product Development Stage
Tetsuya Kirihata (Associate Prof., Kyoto University, and Visiting Associate Prof.,Nara Institute of Science and Technology)
(November, 2008)

Does Intellectual Property Laws in India and China Encourage Innovation?
Parama Sinha Palit (Senior Associate with Corporate Law Group)
Bhaskar Bhattacharya (Senior Associate with Corporate Law Group)
(March, 2008)

Japanese Patent Attorney-Client Privilege
Sadaaki Kambara (Japan Patent Attorneys Association)
(November, 2005)
The University Researcher and Patents
Hiroshi Konno (Professor, Chuo University)
(November, 2005)
Outcome Management of Intellectual Assets
Junichi Kikuchi (Professor, Aoyama Gakuin Women's Junior College)
(November, 2005)
Intellectual Property Management of National University Corporations
Shift to Institutional Ownership and its New Challenges

Ryuji Shimoda (Professor, Frontier Collaborative Research Center, Tokyo Institute of Technology)
(November, 2005)
Technology Licensing and University Research in Japan
Toshiko Takenaka (Professor, University of Washington School of Law)
(November, 2005)
Recent Developments in the Business of Patent Licensing
Technology Transfer from Universities and Research Institutions to Industry in Germany

Heinz Goddar (European Patent Attorney Boehmert&Boehmert)
(November, 2005)
Academic Technology Transfer
Terry A. Young (Consulting Editor Technology Innovation Group ,Inc.)
(November, 2005)
Intellectual Property Strategy in Japan
Hisamitsu Arai (Secretary-General, Intellectual Property Strategy Headquartees Cabinet Secretariat)
(November, 2005)
A Note from the Editor
Akira Goto (Professor,Research Center for Advanced Sciense and Technology,The University of Tokyo)
(November, 2005)
Greeting from Chairman
Isao Karube (Chairman of IPAJ)
(November, 2005)
Greeting from Honorary Chairman
Hiroyuki Yoshikawa (Honorary Chairman of IPAJ)
(November, 2005)